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Barely any other sportwear brand has defined our image of 90s streetwear to the same extent as Champion. However, in order to grasp the true significance of Champion when it comes to street and sportwear, it is worth taking a look back at Champion's history.

The New York-based brand has its roots in the Golden 20s, when it began equipping college sports teams with functional Champion clothing.

Not content with developing into a continually growing business, with regard to product, Champion repeatedly came up with genuine innovations.

The most famous Champion inventions are without doubt the Reverse Weave technology, which gets rid of heat and sweat more quickly, and the legendary hoody. Yes, you read correctly! One of the must-have streetwear essentials - the hoody - was developed and brought to the market by Champion. For a brand that has done so many things right, it is little wonder that the cult Champion "C" logo adorned all NBA endorsed clothing in the 1990s.

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