List of products by brand adidas


Everybody starts off in a small way and thus begins the history of one of the leading designer and manufacturer of sporting goods inside a laundry room in a small town of Middle Franconia in Germany - Adidas.

The founder Adolf “Adi” Dassler focused his creations on offering every athlete the adequate product for different sports.

But Adi Dassler’s break through began in die mid 20th century after the glorious victory of Germany’s national team during the World Cup in 1954. Through a innovative football boot the small company “Adi Dassler Adidas Sportschuchfabrik” from Herzogenaurach became renown name on all football pitches.

Through close cooperation with diverse athletes Adi Dassler was able to support every athletes with innovative products suitable for each sports which led athletes to gold medals and trophies. Soon the brand with the three stripes became a worldwide designer for sporting textiles und shoes.

In the Mid Eighties Adidas was able to enter the street fashion atmosphere with the help of the infamous hip hop band Run DMC. With the song “My Adidas” the paid homage and their enthusiasm for the Adidas

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